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Holland Lab Attends CSUPERB Conference in Santa Clara, CA

In January 2023, The Holland Lab attended the Annual CSU Biotechnology Symposium in Santa Clara CA. Undergraduates Anikin Domingo and Andy Chua presented on isotope enrichment on spider silk proteins for NMR characterization. Undergraduate Julian Aldana presented his recent work on coarse grain and atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulation to understand spider silk protein structure and assembly. And PhD student Hannah Johnson, post-doc, Dr.Kevin Chalek and Professor Holland presented at the NSF-ICORPS session on Spider-silk Inspired Biologics. The latter focused on potential commercialization ideas of the lab's spider silk research. ...

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Prof. Holland Attends AFOSR Grant Review

In December 2022, Prof. Holland presented recent work from the lab at the annual AFOSR grant review. The grant and talk is titled: "Hierarchical Assembly of Spider Silk Proteins: Exploring the Structural Biology of Biomaterials from the Atomic to the Mesoscale". The grant and presentation focused on how the lab is combining biophysical methods including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryo-TEM), and molecular dynamics (MD) simulation to understand spider silk assembly across hierarchical length scales. ...

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Holland Lab Attends SCUM (Southern California Users of Magnets) Conference at University of Santa Barbara

In September 2022, the Holland Lab attended the SCUM conference to present work from the lab that is focused on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). PhD graduate student Hannah Johnson presented her work on using solution NMR to understand spider silk protein spinning dope. PhD graduate student Yuan Li presented her solid-state NMR work on nanoscale hydroxyapatite. And post-doc Dr. Kevin Chalek presented on solid-state NMR structural characterization of spider silk fibers. ...

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