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Holland Lab Attends ACS National Meeting

In August 2023, the Holland Lab attended the ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, CA. Prof. Holland gave a talk titled: "Combining Solution NMR and Modeling to Determine Structural Ensembles of Spider Silk Proteins". The presentation focused on how the lab is combining coarse grain and atomistic molecular dynamic (MD) simulation together with CS-ROSETTA determined structural ensembles to understand spider silk protein structure in solution. The talk was in the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Materials Session. ...

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Holland Lab Attends Gordon Research Conference on Silk

In July 2023, the Holland Lab attended the first Gordon Research Conference on Silk at Bryant University in RI. PhD graduate student Hannah Johnson presented her work on using solution NMR to understand liquid-liquid phase separation (LLPS) of native spider silk proteins as an intermediate step in spider silk assembly. Post-doc, Dr. Kevin Chalek, presented his solid-state NMR work on dragline and prey wrap spider silk structure. And, Prof. Holland gave a presentation titled: "Combining Biophysical Methods to Understand Spider Silk Formation". ...

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