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Author:Sarah White

Holland Lab Visits Scheibel Lab at University of Bayreuth in Germany and Attends 8th Kavli Frontiers in Science Symposium

In a two part trip, Prof. Holland and Dr. David Onofrei first visited the Scheibel Lab at the University of Bayreuth in Germany to work on collaborative research projects focused on synthetic (recombinant) spider silk formation. Prof. Holland gave a presentation on the lab's NMR spider silk research to the Biomaterials Group and worked with Scheibel and lab members on recombinant spider silk protein structure and assembly. The visit included a week of time to collect 1 GHz NMR data on spider silk proteins in solution! Following Germany, Prof. Holland traveled on to Indonesia for this conference sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences. He was part of the organizing committee and organized a session titled "Nature Inspired Chemistry: From Medicine to Materials" Stay tuned for updates by following us on Twitter ...

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